Donegal’s Defective Blocks ‘not caused by mica’; study claims

Leading international journal publication suggests the defective blocks scandal isn’t in fact Mica – the issue has been caused by pyrrhotite.

The peer-reviewed article ” The Mica Crisis in Donegal, Ireland – A Case of Internal Sulfate Attack” finds that the geological mineral mica is in fact not the primary cause of failure of defective concrete blocks in Donegal homes.

What Action Is Being Taken?

1,100 High Court proceedings have been filed to date with 2,00 expected by the end of 2023; totaling approx. €550 million, relating to homeowners of defective ‘mica’ concrete blocks before the end of the year.

Homeowners are sueing over damage caused by defective concrete blocks and similar products containing mica /pyrrhotite primarily between 2005 and 2008.

What’s the Concrete Levy all About?

The Concrete Levy is is expected to raise much needed finances for resolving the devastating effects of defective blocks and to entice a move to low-carbon construction in Ireland.

The Government’s Climate Action Plan 2021  calls for a change from the “extremely carbon-intensive” use of block and concrete in the construction sector. The aim is to decarbonise building, with a strong focus on timber frame homes.

The Concrete Levy is set to be imposed on the first supply of a concrete product on or after 1 September 2023.

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