Building with Timber Frame in Ireland




Building Affordable Homes to Passive Standards – Nationwide

Timber Frame is a fixed cost build solution – no hidden fees & your build schedule guaranteed. Our Open (un-insulated) & Closed Panel (pre-insulated) timber frame systems are all within passive standards & arrive to site with the insulation, airtightness membrane & service cavity all factory fitted. 

Did you know – 50% of newly built homes in Ireland are Timber Frame?

Irish self-builders are beginning to recognise the many benefits of timber frame & realising it’s use in similar cold climates. The Mica & Pyrite crisis in Ireland has made homeowners & builders weary of traditional block & the ongoing demands by the Irish Government for speed & sustainability has propelled an unprecedented increase in the use of timber frame.

“Timber Frame is a Fixed Cost, nZEB Ready Build Solution”

A highly-insulated & airtight home; designed to surpass building regs

It’s no coincidence that timber frame is the most common build method in similar harsh, wet climates. When building a new home; your sights should be on improved energy efficient, future-proofing. A well designed, highly efficient build method is key.

Our homes are manufactured with precision engineering & state-of-the-art machinery in a dry, quality controlled environment. We offer four passive standard closed wall panels; packed full of quality insulation & a complete airtight seal.  Our efficiencies vary from 0.15 as low as just 0.09 w/m2k – currently the best u-value on the Irish market.

timber frame service cavity

Factory Fitted Service Cavity – First Fix Trades Can Get to Work Straight Away!

Our closed panel timber frame systems are delivered to site with the insulation, airtightness & service cavity battens all factory fitted. This means that your electricians & plumbers can get to work on erection of the timber frame – even before the block work or cladding!

Our 50 x 35mm service cavity battens are securely attached to the factory fitted PIR insulation & your airtightness membrane is safely protected from follow-on trades between the two thick layers of insulation- all working together to achieve our Passive Standard u-values.

The Northwest’s Only Supplier of Closed Panel Timber Frames, Roof Trusses & Metal Webbed Floor Joists

  • 30% Cheaper

  • 50% Faster

  • nZEB Build Ready

  • Manufactured Off-Site

  • Reduced Labour Costs

  • Less Weather Dependent

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Reduced On-Site Waste

  • Cheaper Trades

  • Ease of Finishing

Benefits of a Timber Frame Home

Speed of Construction

50% faster than standard block construction.

Exceeds Build Regs

Surpasses Part L & nZEB build regs.

Saves You Money

30% cheaper across the entire build

Climate Appropriate

Most popular method in similar wet climates.

Environmentally Sustainable

Timber isn’t just low carbon – it’s carbon negative.

Design Flexibility

An excellent choice for those complex builds.

Precision Engineered

Quality controlled design & engineering.

Reduced Heat Loss

Eliminates cold bridging through the stud.

Reduced Risk

Reduced lending & insurance risk.

The Perfect Combination

Our Passive Slab is the perfect match for our interlocking Closed Panel system, achieving a complete & even seal of the insulated, airtight envelope. All packages are within the Passive Standard range of 0.10 – 0.15 w/m2k, with our Passive Plus Package certified at just 0.09 w/m2k!

Our team are fully trained & certified installers of our NSAI approved foundation system. When designed, engineered & manufactured as part of a complete package, the entire process is streamlined, ensuring precision & accuracy on arrival of the frame.

Speedy Install

Certified System

Passive U-Value

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