What is a Pre-Fabricated Roof Truss?

A roof truss is made up of pre-engineered, tailor designed components joined together with steel nail-plated fasteners, creating a structural frame for adequate support of a roof. Standard roof trusses can be designed to a maximum span of 11 metres in 35mm thick graded timber, and to 16 metres using 47mm thick timbers. While the standard range of pitch is between 15 to 40 degrees, we can design & manufacture roof trusses to all required pitches. Spacings are typically set at 600 centres & 400 centres where specified by the appointed Independent Structural Engineer for the support of heavier loads.

A Roof Truss Requires 40% Less Timber Than a Traditional Cut Roof

95% of Irish Homes Have a Truss Roof

Pre-fabricated roof trusses are now used in 95% of new build roof structures. A roof truss uses approx. 40% less timber than a traditional cut or pitched roof. Precision engineering & off-site manufacturing results in time & cost savings, along with eliminating site wastage. 

roof truss ireland
roof truss in ireland

Roof Trusses Allow for Much Greater Spans

If It Can Be Designed, It Can Be Built

Greater clear spans can be accommodated without the need for additional supports, resulting in cost savings & avoiding lengthy engineering processes.

The Benefits of a Roof Truss

Speed of Construction

Manufactured off-site, reducing labour.

Saves You Money

Time savings & reduced timber quantities.

Greater Spans

Accomodates greater spans without steel.

Environmentally Friendly

Requires 40% less timber than a cut roof.

Design Flexibility

An excellent choice for those complex builds.

Precision Engineered

Quality controlled design & engineering.

We Cover All Roof Truss Types

Depending on your architecture, there are a variety of roof truss design options.  Essentially, if it can be designed, it can be built. We use state of the art automated machinery, making your roof truss a low cost alternative in comparison to a traditional cut roof. 

Scissor trusses for example are a popular choice for vaulted ceiling spaces; a hybrid of a standard truss & cut roof cathedral ceiling, using slopped bottom chords to created an inverted V-Shape inside the room. An attic truss, also known as a ‘Room in Roof’ (RiR), is a roof truss with an open section accommodating an additional living space within your roof. The habitable area of a build can be increased by up to 40% at little to no extra cost. Attic trusses can also be designed with open metal webbed joists (posi joists), offering additional strength and facilitating the run of services to the space.

  • Standard Truss

  • Fink Truss

  • Attic Truss

  • Scissor Truss

  • Raised Tie Truss

  • Duo (Fink) Web

  • Stubbed Attic Truss

  • Bottom Chord Truss

  • Curved Truss

  • Mono Truss

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