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What Are Metal Webbed Posi Joists?

Metal Webbed or Open Web joists, most commonly referred to as “Posi Joists”, are a pre-engineered timber floor joist; offering a number of benefits in comparison to traditional solid timber joists & rivaling the alternatively costly concrete slab. Posi Joists are an engineered alternative, tailor designed by our in-house timber frame design team to suit your build. The posi joists can be engineered to accommodate larger spans & can also accommodate liquid screed at first floor level – ideal for underfloor heating & responsive heating/cooling demands.

Posi Joists Combine the Lightweight & Durable Benefits of Timber with the Strength of Steel

Posi Joists V Concrete Floor

The days of traditional solid floor joists are considered gone. The choice is now largely between metal webbed timber floor joists (posi joists) & concrete floors (bison slabs or similar). While there are benefits to both; the winning factor of posi joists is the ease of running electrics & plumbing; and all associated reduced build costs. Future proofing is at the forefront of modern-day homes & so wiring can be extensive. The same applies to plumbing, given the rise in systems such as Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV), internally fed piping, wall hung toilets & the likes. The less chasing & drilling to be done by your electricians & plumbers, the quicker the job can be done & inevitably the less it will cost!  In terms of the comparative feel underfoot, our research tells us that the two are like-for-like, with the added benefit of sustained wifi & phone signal through metal webbed joists in comparison to that of a concrete floor.

Screed at First Floor Level – Perfect for Underfloor Heating

Posi Joists can accommodate 50mm of liquid screed at first floor level, with 75mm optional if needed. Liquid screed is an excellent option in terms of speed & cost, and ensures a quick reaction time for those choosing to use screed with underfloor heating at first floor level.

Squeaky Floors – a Thing of the Past

Posi Joists can span further than alternative floor systems. Metal Webbed joists are dimensionally stable; so they don’t suffer from shrinkage or distortion which can lead to the typical discredited ‘squeaky floors’. The wide flange offers stable fixing area for laying the floor & ceiling deck within your timber frame home.

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The Benefits of Posi Joists

Speed of Install

Roof trusses are much quicker than a traditional cut roof.

Longer Spans

Strength & rigidity can be achieved over spans in excess of 8 metres.

Saves You Money

Reduced costs to follow-on trades with posi joists. Time is money.

Reduced Site Wastage

Pre-engineering eliminates alterations on site; reducing waste.

Environmentally Sustainable

Timber is carbon negative, reducing carbon footprint unlike concrete.

Design Flexibility

Fewer beams are needed, minimizing load bearing & partitioning walls.

Building with Posi Joists

Longer Spans

Posi joists offer greater design flexibility in locating partitions and load bearing walls. Fewer beams are required, reducing the need for intermediate load bearing and partitioning walls. Strength and rigidity can be achieved over long, clear spans in excess of 8 metres achievable where specified by the design engineer. 

Reduced Wastage

Bespoke, pre-engineered design eliminates alterations made on site. This drastically reduces the amount of timber waste generated during construction, saving timber resources and resulting in a cleaner, safer site.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber itself is carbon neutral. Much less carbon footprint can be attributed to the use of timber floor joists in comparison to concrete beam floors or similar; with the same added benefits. On site wastage is eliminated as a result of tailored, precision engineering and pre-fabrication off-site. In cases of a combined order, off-cuts from the manufacture of roof trusses can also be used in the manufacture of the floor joists.  

Time Savings

Tailored, precision, off-site manufacturing using the latest production processes and technologies facilitates the manufacture of your order within a matter of days. Design, production, delivery and installation can all be scheduled with accuracy; with fitting time on site greatly reduced in comparison to that of a cut roof or similar.

Cost Savings

Along with the savings associated with electricians and plumbers, and the ease of installation; time is money! The more reliable the schedule and the quicker the installation, the faster you can proceed with follow-on trades. For both self-builders and large-scale developers, keeping the build on track is key to maintaining the budget. The quicker the scaffolding can be removed from the exterior and the closer you can hold on to the dates scheduled with follow-on trades; the more successful and within budget the outcome will be.

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