Disadvantages of Timber Frame

  • Additional design and engineering time, but a quicker on-site build
  • Lack of experienced builders and erection crews
  • Transportation and cranage costs
  • Exposure to weather before enclosed
  • Susceptibility to decay if exposed to moisture

Reliable timber frame manufacturers in Ireland will install a vapour barrier between the inner wall and the insulation as standard – this prevents moisture passing through.

  • Fire resistance concerns

Timber frame homes pass the same fire regulation tests as any other build method. The fire resistance of timber frame houses is achieved by the lining material, the timber structure and the insulation. Plasterboarding and fire barrier stops prevent spread through the cavity.

  • Acoustic sound performance

Timber frame structures are not as dense and without acoustics, may not achieve the same level of sound insulation. If using a closed panel system and boarding with acoustic lining, acoustic ratings are like-for-like with a block home; with increased speed and efficiency. The heat performance from room to room is immensely improved. 

The Advantages of Timber Frame

  • Environmentally sustainable

Timber isn’t just low carbon – it’s carbon negative. For every tree felled, another tree is planted. 

  • Low embodied energy.
  • Reduced site waste through off-site manufacturing.
  • Quicker build time in comparison to any other method.

A prefabricated timber frame can be erected on site faster than steel or standard block construction.

  • Reduced on-site labour; cheaper costs.
  • Reduced build time – less dependent on the Irish weather.
  • Follow-on trades can commence on erection of the frame.

Quicker build time means that follow-on and interior finishing trades such as plastering and electrical wiring can begin ahead of schedule – with many offering reduced costs as a result of speed and efficiency working within the service cavity and posi joists.

  • Built to exceed 60-year design life.
  • Most energy efficient method of construction.
  • Improved heating and cooling due to low thermal mass.

Low thermal mass allows timber frames to heat up much more quickly than standard masonry construction, and to cool more quickly when needed. In Ireland, and it’s ever changing weather – this is exactly what we need.

  • Reduced disruption to neighbours due to speed.
  • Quality controlled off-site manufacturing.

Off site fabrication & quality control means a higher performing home.

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