Around 15% of the total heat produced is lost through drafts. This represents an enormous amount of heat loss in a well-insulated home.

In a well-insulated build, air leakage can also condensate causing moisture within the walls during the winter.

Air leakage is driven by differing air pressures across the build’s envelope. This pressure builds from the combined effects of stack, external wind and mechanical ventilation systems.

Our Closed Panel timber frame system offers a continuous thermal envelope, sealing at:

  • Overlaps
  • Joints
  • Penetrations

We also overlap and tape all window and door joints as part of our package.

An airtight build limits the mixing of indoor and outdoor air, reducing energy bills associated with heating and cooling.

  • Dramatically Lower Energy Bills
  • Improved Building Comfort
  • Improved Energy Efficiency for Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Improved Whole Building Energy-Efficiency
  • Reduced Moisture Infiltration Levels

The Wooly Jumper Analogy

Imagine going on a cold & windy walk wearing only a single layer woolly jumper…
Wind would blow through the holes, right? ✅
Now apply a light wind breaker barrier over the single layer. This has a dramatic impact on the insulating capability of the woolly jumper as it reduces air circulation (y)
So in order for your insulation to work effectively & efficiently, it requires an airtightness barrier to protect the build against air movement on both sides! 👏
On average we spend 90% of our time indoors so it only makes sense to ensure our homes are as free from draught & cold spots as possible – especially when investing heavily on insulation!

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