Do I Need Timber Frame Drawings?

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No, not at all. Once we have the planning approved architect’s drawings, and ideally the .Dwg/CAD file, this is then passed on to our design engineer who completes what are called General Arrangement drawings. These drawings outline all inclusions/exclusions and are essentially the timber frame version of your architect’s plans. This is all included as

Can I Clad the Outside in Stone?

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If using quarry stone, an external leaf of blockwork would be required as part of our package. This would be attached to the blockwork by your stonemason, typically using expended mesh. Thin-stone can be supported using external cement/plaster boarding and battens. This boarding can be rendered or plastered and painted just the same as a

How Quick Is Timber Frame?

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Our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks from order which includes for the 1-2 weeks design and engineer's certification as mentioned above, followed by 3-4 weeks for manufacture. As shown on our Projects page, a standard two storey can be erected within just 3 working days from delivery to site. This is dependent on the

What If I Want to Hang a TV or Frame?

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No problem at all - timber frame walls are structurally load bearing so you'll face no issue hanging the likes of a TV or photo frame. If you're concerned about needing to attach directly to a stud, that's actually no longer the case. Timber frame houses are dry lined with plasterboard and often internally insulated

How Long Does it Take to Get a Quote?

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We aim to have a detailed quotation returned to you within 48 hours, however this may vary during busier periods. All quotations will be returned no later than 3-4 working days from their request. Should you not receive your quotation within this time frame, please let us know and we will ensure that it is

Is It Harder to Get a Mortage?

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Definitely not - all major lenders offer mortgage finance for timber frame houses on the same terms as any other method of construction. In fact, a timber frame house is considered less risk as it takes significantly less time to construct.

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