Category: Timber Frame

No, not at all. Once we have the planning approved architect’s drawings, and ideally the .Dwg/CAD file, this is then passed on to our design engineer who completes what are called General Arrangement drawings. These drawings outline all inclusions/exclusions and are essentially the timber frame version of your architect’s plans. This is all included as part of our package.

These are sent to the client and/or their architect/engineer approximately 1-2 weeks following the initial 10% deposit payment. Once reviewed and signed, these are then used to progress with the in-house panel drawings for production.

These General Arrangement drawings also include a Base Plan which can be given to your ground worker if you are not proceeding with our KORE insulated foundation system. They can also be used to pre-order your windows in advance to avoid any additional wait time following the erection of the frame.