Closed Panel Timber Frame Homes


What Makes Our Timber Frame System Different?

We offer Open (un-insulated) & Closed Panel (pre-insulated) timber frame systems arriving with the insulation, airtightness membrane & service cavity all factory fitted. With timber frame construction, you are be assured of a highly-insulated & airtight home designed to surpass building regulations and achieving excellent Building Energy ratings.

The BEST Way to PREDICT the Future is to DESIGN It

Our External Walls

When considering building an energy efficient, future-proof home, it’s important to start with a well designed, highly efficient build method; timber frame offers just that. Each wall panel is packed full with insulation, with a complete airtight seal & precision engineered in a dry, quality controlled environment.

Our external walls are made up of 140mm x 38mm quality CLS framing graded & pressure treated timber studs with DPC (Damp Proof Course) fitted to all ground floor walls. We also have the option of a 225mm stud as part of our Passive Premium package and a 300mm split stud as part of our Eco Package, all with differing u-values from 0.15 as low as 0.09 w/m2k. All studs are supported as specified by our appointed Independent Structural Engineer with 9mm OSB racking where required.

timber frame closed panel ireland
timber frame service cavity

Your First Fix Trades Can Get to Work As Soon as the Frame Goes Up!

Our Factory-Fitted Service Cavity

Our pre-insulated airtight panels are delivered to site with a factory fitted service cavity. This means that your electricians and plumbers can get to work straight away – even before the block work or cladding!

Our 50 x 35mm service battens are fixed to the factory fitted PIR insulation, with the airtightness membrane protected between the two layers – all working to achieve a Passive Standard u-value.

Flexibility of Design with Timber Frame

Our Internal Walls

Our internal walls are made up of 90 x 38mm CLS studwork with 9mm racking where specified by the Independent Structural Engineer. Acoustic wool insulation can be added to your internal walls following first fix electrics & plumbing, adding excellent acoustic performance while also improving efficiency and heating/cooling costs.

Our Closed Panel Packages


The Compliance Package

The Passive Premium Package

Timber Frame Homes in Ireland

The Passive Package

The Eco Package

Building with Timber Frame in Ireland

Did you know – 50% of Irish homes are now built using Timber Frame?

Irish self-builders are recognising the many benefits of timber frame & it’s use in similar cold, wet climates such as Scandinavia & Scotland. In light of the Mica & Pyrite crisis in Ireland & the ongoing Irish housing crisis demanding speed & sustainability; the popularity of timber frame has experienced unprecedented increase.

Benefits of a Timber Frame Home

Speed of Construction

50% faster than standard block construction.

Exceeds Build Regs

No need to lay additional screed.

Saves You Money

30% cheaper across the entire build

Climate Appropriate

Most popular method in similar wet climates.

Environmentally Sustainable

Timber isn’t just low carbon – it’s carbon negative.

Design Flexibility

An excellent choice for those complex builds.

Precision Engineered

Quality controlled design & engineering.

Reduced Heat Loss

Eliminates cold bridging through the stud.

Reduced Risk

Reduced lending & insurance risk.

Timber Frame V Block

Aside from being 50% faster 30% cheaper than standard masonry construction; there are many clear benefits to timber frame in comparison to block in Ireland. Speed, energy efficient & cost are important factors; but what Irish self-builders often don’t realise is that when living in a well insulated, air tight home – you actually won’t be concerned about heating your home in the colder months. You’ll be more concerned about cooling in the hotter summer months.

Self-builders of new, contemporary homes in Ireland are a huge fan of large spans of glazing. It may seem odd coming from the poorly insulated home you’re most likely renting at the moment; but the the risk of overheating, even in the milder months, is high. It’s no coincidence that most (if not all) passive homes are constructed using timber frame.

Timber frame is thermally responsive which means that it heats quickly & also cools quickly when needed, and works works extremally well with underfloor heating. Block on the other hand is largely held to regard because of it’s thermal mass – all this really means is that it takes longer to heat & longer to cool, and this isn’t the ideal scenario when designing an energy efficient, future-proofed home. 

timber frame construction in ireland

Is Timber Frame Cheaper than Block?

Yes, most definitely ! While the price may initially seem higher, it must be remembered that this is a complete factory-fitted, pre-insualated & airtight system – massively reducing site labour & expenses. Costs to follow-on trades are drastically reduced due to less time spent on site. There’s no drilling or chasing of blockwork & everything can be run within our factory fitted service cavity.

Our pre-insulated closed panel timber frame structure is fully designed, engineered & manufactured in-house. On average, timber frame works out 50% faster & 30% cheaper than standard block construction. When combined with our insulated foundation system, saving approx. 20% in comparison to a basic strip foundation, our complete passive package makes for the perfect future-proofed family home.

  • 30% Cheaper

  • 50% Faster

  • nZEB Build Ready

  • Manufactured Off-Site

  • Reduced Labour Costs

  • Less Weather Dependent

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Reduced On-Site Waste

  • Cheaper Trades

  • Ease of Finishing

The Perfect Combination

Our Passive Slab is the perfect match for our interlocking Closed Panel system, achieving a complete & even seal of the insulated, airtight envelope. All packages are within the Passive Standard range of 0.10 – 0.15 w/m2k, with our Passive Plus Package certified at just 0.09 w/m2k!

Our team are fully trained & certified installers of our NSAI approved foundation system. When designed, engineered & manufactured as part of a complete package, the entire process is streamlined, ensuring precision & accuracy on arrival of the frame.

Speedy Install

Certified System

Passive U-Value

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