Category: Timber Frame

Timber frame is typically 50% faster and 30% cheaper block over the duration of the build. It’s also much cheaper than ICF and offers less complications with a quicker build speed. Timber frame is also double skinned in comparison!

Although some block homes for example may be quoted at a similar price, it is important to compare like for like. The client should take into consideration the performance levels and timescales involved which may impact cost overtime such as interest rates and the cost to hire items such as scaffolding.

Timber frame is credited as being one of the fastest and most reliable build methods, benefiting from off-site construction in a dry, controlled environment with precision engineered production. Faster build times reduce site labour costs on site and as there is less chance of delays due to errors or weather, the price of a timber frame build is much more certain. This certainty is comforting to the self-builder and often one of the key choices for timber frame.

The biggest cost saving with timber frame is really made throughout the duration of the build through other trades. If you quote in advance saying your house is block and then quote saying its timber frame, you’ll find that nearly every trade price will have a reduction for timber frame as its much easier to work with.

Labour costs to electricians and plumbers is significantly reduced as they can work within the framing and first floor joists – no need to chase and drill blockwork. For example, if you’re going with a heat recovery system, that can all be piped in the framing, and because it’s easier for the company to fit, it works out cheaper.

It’s also easier and cheaper to insulate and make a timber frame home airtight. Plastering is also much quicker and therefore cheaper.

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